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Wright Gardner Architect, LLC

At Wright Gardner Architect, the first priority is to provide exceptional care and consideration to our clients. We specialize in projects which are unique, with clients that want a true agent, able to be an integral part of your team through the life of the project. 

We consistently produce high-quality results through our experience and technical understanding, ability to listen, leadership and project management skills.

We form consultant teams and we require from each member the same high level of experienced involvement.  With the responsive and professional teams we put together, we are able to insure that the project goals are met.

Our firm is local, but our ideas and knowledge of the industry are shaped by experiences we have gained from working with people and on projects well beyond Atlanta. As individuals we have worked on projects of all scales and with the most difficult programs.

As an architectural firm we have worked on an extremely wide variety of project types and have worked through the entire building process repeatedly from land acquisition to building concept to occupancy. We have worked for single & multi-family residential clients, as well as exacting private clients including restaurant and food service, office, retail, hospitality, educational and non-profit institutions.

Our work is eclectic because we work for our clients, and our clients are all unique.

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Wright Gardner


Wright Gardner Architect, LLC

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